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My name is Eileen but to friends in the card making world I'm known as 'ikki'. (which is pronounced I-KEY) From where or how this came about I'm not sure - it just got shorten from my original craft name of Ikemo by various friends along my crafting way! I started crafting whilst recouperating from an accident, and from my first attempts with peeloffs and paint - I was hooked! Now my passion is my BUG! and now BEADING!

In the Cupboard you will find ideas, news, tips and techniques to help you get more from this fab little machine. So come in - join the fun and Cuttle with me!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

My Nestie Hearts - so useful

Yet another wedding card - I'm so glad I bought these Nestie Hearts! They have been so useful this week and make the most perfect embellishment for any love theme project. I printed the words on pearlised card and then cut the hearts and embossed them. With a few flowers, feathers, beads and ribbon - done! The card by DCWV was a very classy pearlised stripe print in gold and off white. Just made for a wedding! I've really enjoyed my crafting this week, it's been a pleasure to work with lovely materials that make such simple yet elegant cards. I think this is the style that I like best! I must be a romatic at heart!

This week has been an amazing week and I would like to say a thank you to all of you that have visited my blog and made it so successful. I really do appreciate your support and hope that you have found something useful that will help you make more use out of our wonderful little green bug! I'll be back on Monday with something new.....


Anonymous said...

Hi Eileen, that card is beautiful, love your blog. the tutorials are all really great, I love my wee bug. Take care Bernie xx

Just a little bit Crafty said...

Beautiful Card it look so elegant. Don't you just love it when you get a product that you use over and over. That's when your purchase becomes a bargain.
Cheers, Irene :)

Chrissie said...

I'm with you about Nestie Hearts... what is it about embossing that makes things look so special? I guess that's why we love our bugs, as you so rightly say!
Congratulations on A FABULOUS BLOG. It is obvious why it is SO popular.

Unknown said...

Another gorgeous card - I've got the nestie hearts on order so I can't wait for them to arrive!!
I've got an award for you on my blog.

Ali Dantre said...

Hi ikki beautiful blog and you well deserve this...what I have on my blog for you...please come and collect it :-)

You are such a help to everyone. Hugs

Chrissie said...

Me back again.
It looks like there are awards lining up for you... there's another on my blog for you!

Jackie said...

What a beautiful card, very classy :o)
Jackie xx