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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Spellbinders Piercerabilities

Although I enjoyed so much making my wedding cards with the Nestie Heart dies, I felt it was time to move on and try something completely different - Piercerabilities.

I purchased these dies along with some plain squares from Make a Lasting Impression. You will find a link on the side bar. I can only say that my dealings with this company have been very satisfactory. They are quick, efficient, and reliable - and in this day and age - what more can you ask for?

To make my card I used Co-ordinations cardstock (140 cms square), and the scalloped die cut.

Place your die carefully on the edge of the front card and run through the bug. Then do the same on the back edge. It is better to do this twice because of the thickness, with a thinner card you might get away with it, BUT remember the golden rule - NEVER FORCE.

Sandwich: A. B. Card. Die cut face down. C (This may be different to the way you do it - but I have found that this way makes it easier to see where to place the die and I have had no problems with plates bending or breaking)

Now you can emboss the front edge. If you have not done this
before - check here

Having embossed - place the stencil on the front edge and using a soft pad and piercing pen, follow the pattern.

This is the pattern when embossed and pierced.

I have chosen to use a beautiful paper that I have been hording since last September. Today was the day to cut it......always hard.....I have cut a piece to fit the front card and scalloped both edges. I like to fold over the top of the card for a neat edge and thought why not scallop this too. If you carefully line up the paper scalloped edge to the card scallop you can achieve a diamond effect between the two - Looks good!
I also used my new square die cuts for matting and laying.

My embellishment when finished

My finished card

Using the pierceabilitie dies give a great border effect. You could also use them to make a border ribbon, or just to scallop the edges. I have yet to try scalloping three edges, but I will! It must to possible!!! Will let you know when I get it right. Thanks for dropping by, if you feel like leaving a comment - please do.


Chrissie said...

Wow! this looks very posh! I haven't seen one used although I've seen them online. I use this seller too, I've always found her very efficient and helpful!
Maybe, just maybe I'll take a look at Piercabilities now!

Pinklady50 said...

Beautiful card! I hate to cut pretty paper too, but it's worth it when you end up with a card like that!

Anonymous said...

This is just what I needed to see, I purchased the daisy one like this just two days ago and I've cut a boarder piece like a ribbon of card and embossed it to go accross my card but thats it, I needed some ideas and yours is brill, thankyou so much! Patricia x

Christine said...

Thanks again for another great tute. Ikki feel another NEED coming on ... LOL

hugs Christine xx

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Not something else I NEED! But what a gorgeous effect this is.
Sandra x (Dec'O'Cards, DC)

Andrea, said...

Great tutorial Eileen. See you next week

Janette said...

Know just what you mean about the paper...it's so hard to part with,but the card you made is gorgeous.x