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Monday, 11 May 2009

Adapting folders with modifying folder pad

Making cards larger than the Cuttlebug folder is the topic that I'm illustrating this week. Sometimes a client wants a bigger card size!
BUT, still wants an embossed card!!! Sometimes the client wants a picture!!! This is something that you can achieve....

Materials used:
A4 White linen cardstock with PC generated sentiment
Swiss Dots Folder
Modifying Folder Pad (MFP)If you have not seen this before you will find instuctions here
Photo provided
bits and bobs from stash

Having printed the sentiment and centre score the cardstock,
position the folder as shown with the MFP taped in place and run through the Bug

Sandwich: A B Folder with card wrapped round, MFP (shim if necessary)


The result you get

Reposition the folder and MFP on the other side as shown and using the same sandwich, run through the Bug

You will see from the close-up that with this folder you do get a slight impression at the edge of the pattern

BUT, you can overcome this by using your scoreboard and using the marks as a guide - get rid of them!

Your finished embossed card

I'm making this card for a Naming Day and I was a little stumped as to what kind of card to make! In the end the client decided to have a photo on the card

My finished Naming Day

My problem of making a larger sized card with an embossed pattern, has been solved by using a modifying folder pad. You can adapted this to any folder, and also increase or decrease the border by changing the size of the MFP - what you are actually doing is making your OWN border folder. Neat, eh! You can also emboss straight on to the card without having to cover up lines with ribbons etc., and the result looks crisp, clean and professional.
Hope you'll find this useful. I'll be back on Tippy Thursday - hope you'll drop by and if you have any ideas or tips that you would like to share with me and my cuttling friends I'd love to hear from you.


Jackie said...

Superb card, and thank you for the great tutorial :o)
Jackie xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ikki, another brill tuturial and a fab card. Carolk

Andrea, said...

Oh Eileen the card worked out wonderfully, it is so pretty and the doyleys look great. I am sure your customer will be thrilled with the card.
I made the geese Xmas card just forgot to take a photo of it!!
Have a lovely Monday.

Annie said...

great work - love the finished result.

Ann xxx

Unknown said...

Beautiful card Eileen, did you manage to fit the verse inside? The doyleys look fab, really girly and just finish the card off brilliantly. Well done

A Man Alone ( DC) said...

Hi Ikki many thanks for the larger card tutorial... although I am not a 'buggy' I have a Bigshot shhhhhh!! but i find your instructions easy to adapt..Thanks to you my card making has taken on a new lease of life... Peter ( DC a man alone)

Chrissie said...

Another triumph!
Thre's an award for you on my Blog.