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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Joy Trouvaille

Hi, have you missed me?  I have just returned from a holiday on the Riveria de Fleur in Italy.  A beautiful part of the world, pity the holiday company forgot to tell me that the hotel was in a not so good part of the town, that is   was  situated on a very main busy main road into town and next to a 24 hour self service garage!  If I go missing again I will be write a very long letter to the coach company.  In the meantime......

My design teamster, Miranda, has managed to get this reply from Joy Craft:

" It's possible to use embossing folders for the Trouvaille if they are not thicker than 2,5 mm.

 When the folders or stencils are thicker than 2,5 mm, you have to use two D plates.

Hope to be at help in this matter,

 Best regards,Ilona van StokkumJoy Crafts BVH.R. Tiel 11064651

This is useful and my thanks to Miranda for getting a reply which I failed to do, as did many others!

Unfortunately, embossing folder suppliers do not tell you the thickness of their folders and they do vary, so it means you will have to check them all!  OR, your machine will break!!  As many have done!!!   Pity they failed (like Spellbinders with the GC) to inform us of this very vital piece of information!!!!

Now, do I have two 'D' Plates?   NO!  I have an A. B.C.D plates and a black foam mat as supplied with the machine. By eye the B and D plates look the same, so I'm  now looking  for a micromater to check the thickness of the plates and will let you know later.  I will also check out the thickness of my folders because saying 2.5 mm means nothing to me! 

You can see why I have advise you to be very careful when using embossing folders!  If you should by any chance have two 'D' plates with  newer machine, please let me know and I will post the information on to others.


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Wow Ikki this is an amazing piece of news - what a crazy design, with minimal information etc. a lot of UK Tim's machine have broken too so prob similar issue. Maybe they rush to get the machine out on sale without checking all this info!!
I am so glad you had happy hols and been missing myself from blog s too busy over here with spring jobs outside etc. love Shaz in Oz.x

Aquarius said...

I'm sure the JT users will be pleased to read this but what a hassle having to resort to measuring embossing folders, plates etc with a micrometer before you can use them.It would appear the machine manufacturers don't think things through properly before launching items onto the unsuspecting public without all the necessary plates required and the instructions to use them!!
Shame about the hotel location on your holiday

Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

Ikki I'm glad you mentioned this on your blog. My trouvaille was broken by using an embossing folder. is repaired but I cann't almost no embossingfolder (double) through .. I also find it very unfortunate that no punches by Tim Holz, especially because they are namely often three or twice as thick.
But I wonder if it goes well with two D plates.
I am sorry that I did not know before I bought it.
lovely greet Marja

Diny Sprakel said...

Hello Eileen,
I always use 2 small white cutting boards of Ikea for embossing (the doubleembossing folders) with the Trouvaille,the Double Do XL and the Grand Calibur. I have used my Double Do for more than 4 years now, without any trouble. In all the years I am die-cutting I never had a problem with a machine ( I have almost all the machines on the market)
greetings Diny

Unknown said...

Hi Eileen - the saga of the JT keeps going eh? I recently had to change the gearing on my Joy as the old one broke. The lovely Liz had sent me a new set ages ago in case this happened - on looking at the instructions it looked really easy to change but I'm certainly glad my DH has engineering skills and tools!!! But I must admit these ones are far superior to the original and don't feel terrified in putting things through. Regarding the embossing folders when I was having problems with the gearing I was searching the net and somewhere on the JT site there was an instruction to use the B and D plates when using embossing folders........... I have been doing that ever since and never had a problem with any of my myriad of various manufacturers e/fs - so don't bother measuring your plates or e/fs but just have a go with the B and D plates.


Karen x