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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Alphabet Dies

I have been making a card for a friend who is retiring from work this week .......

I know from experience that folks like their names on cards, so I started cutting letters with my Olivia Provocraft Alphabet dies in white card....they looked lost....so I cut again in red and shadowed the letters on the white....still not right, so I cut again in the charcoal grey that I'd used for the mat....and BINGO!  I reminded myself of my Grannie's saying "if at first......try again".   Those were happy days! 

I've not tried this way of using letters before, but it works well and if you use double sided  tape the letters easily join together and easy to place on your card.  Another first, but not the last! 


XxJULESxX said...

Hi Ikki, beautiful card!!, i must use my alphabet die's more it seems a shame to pay all that money not to be used!.

Aquarius said...

I'm sure she will love this card. Clever way to give the letters a bit more impact - I must try and remember that idea.

jordiegirl said...

Well done.

They look like very nice alphabet dies - where did you get them as I haven't seen those before?

Julie said...

I love the look of shadowing the letters and find myself cutting loads till I get the right mix,you're so right,they always look so much nicer used in this way. I did a card with am aperture using only a section of a cut on my post today,would love for you to take a look. Have a great day,Julie x