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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Tippy Thursday

Over the last few weeks there has been news about  Spellbinders Nestabilies new dies - BIG dies as well as more labels!

For the big dies you are going to need  (would you believe it!) a new machine called the Grand Calibur
due for release in September. There are a few video available to view and you will find details on Spellbinders. I have to admit to an interest in this as it takes card and paper up to 8.1/2" x 11", but what a pity not 12".  Wonder if Provocraft will be going this way too?  I'm thinking it would be good to be able to make one's own shaped cards in a larger size but on the other hand - an expensive purchase!  Just where do you stop???

As for news on the Spellbinder dies, Create and Craft have a Spellbinder's Pick of the Week on Friday, their prices are often on the high side, but it might be worth a look!  My supplier Liz, (link on the side bar) will no doubt be cheaper and also worth checking out.

My new die this week is again from Marianne Creatables......

Isn't this pretty!

Well back to my craft desk......lots going on that I will be able to show you soon.  If you live in Northumbria,  Friday and Saturday are open days at Graphicus - what  an interesting visit that would be, if not you'll just have to pop in on the Cupboard  to see what is going on because I'll be keeping you informed!  Since it's Friday the 13th....anything could happen!?!?!? 

Message:  Nessie - I have replied on your blog re your problems of getting the Marianne dies cut out of the die.  To anyone experiencing this problem this link may  :  help


Bettythebaglady said...

Ikki-I've just ordered some gear to adapt my Accucut Mark IV machine to take Sizzix dies and will now have to apply my brain power (what little is left) to see if I can adapt it to take big nesties 'cos there is no way on earth I'm spending more money on a new cutting machine-my craft room is a cutting machine graveyard LOL Hugs BettyXXX

Nessie said...

Hi Ikki, I loved your cards so much, so I bought one of the butterfly dies (the "round" one, I think it is No 1) and was so much looking forward to get it. And now I am so disappointed. I used it in my Cuttlebug and tried lots of different sandwiches, but it is so disappointing. Either the whole butterfly is not cut properly or if I get the outlines cut, all the tiny parts are still in the die and I have even problems to get the butterly out of the stencil. I tried parchment paper as well and that stuck in the die as well (together with the paper)! If I try to poke the tiny pieces out, it is not working and the cs or paper is ripping apart. I was thinking of buying some more of these dies, but I think this will be my one and only one, if you can't help me by explaining how to cut the butterfly properly. I tried it with A plate, c plate die, paper, B plate and run it through several times. I left the paper in the die covered it with
the brown tan mat put it between the 2 B plates and cardstock on top. No proper result either. CAN YOU HELP PLEASE?

Anne said...

Hi Ikki
If you have a look at the Once Upon a Stamp website they are bringing out a machine to take A4 card at around £100 and they won't be charging postage. Seems gteat to me but will have to save my pennies to justify another machine!!!

chrissy xx said...

Wow! These dies loooook gorgeous.

Jan scrap said...

Its good news I think, as personally I would use my cuttlebug much more often if it took larger sheets as my cards are always on the 'large' size...size matters lol.
For the price though, makes you wonder if its worth getting a pazzle which can cut and emboss 12x12 papers. I for one really wish I could afford one. Maybe one day.

Nessie, you could always try purchasing an A5 cutting mat and using that in the bug. I found this solved all my 'cutting' problems such as you have.

Phree said...

Thanks ikki, I just invested in my first MD dies and I did kinda wonder how I was going to get them out of the dies!

craftimamma said...

Morning Teamie, What a pretty die that is Ikki.

I'm another one who couldn't possibly justify buying another die cutting machine. I don't use my Big Shot enough as it is and for no other reason than I just don't get round to it! Another one would be wasted on me.

Thanks for the helpful info.

craftimamma said...

Sorry Ikki, I didn't quite finish that comment.

Just wanted to say have a good weekend. Don't mean to rub it in but I'm off up to Graphicus tomorrow, Lol!

Lesley Xx

Anonymous said...

H, I have the Big Shot Express (due to dexterity problems) and am wondering if any one who as this machine as trouble with the Marianne creatables I broke one on Sunday it cracked when going through the machine.I have a few and am now nervous about using them and Ikki'scards are so lovely.