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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Tippy Thursday - Glass cutting mats

I was recently watching C & C and they were talking (and selling) glass cutting mats. The reason for buying one was that cutting was so much easier.

My cutting mat is getting a bit the worse for wear and I considered getting one of these mats, but they were a bit on the expensive side! Then I thought, I have a glass cutting mat in the kitchen - what's the difference!?!?!??!? The answer nothing! I was lucky that my local Aldi was selling a set of two mats that week for £4, so guess what jumped into my shopping basket - yes you're right I now have a glass cutting mat on my desk. Obviously, my mat does not have any cutting lines, so I taped my old mat down with masking tape and put the glass mat on top - result I now have lines I can use to aid lining up. The claim that cutters, knives, etc., move more easily is true, I have also found that when embossing with my pen, you can swivel the die round instead of trying to twist your hand under your arm! On the downside, most of these kitchen glass tops come with etched patterns, so if you consider getting one you need the less patterned one you can get. Mine has a little square pattern, and it's actually quite useful for lining up. Good buy. Thanks C & C for the idea.

My next post will be on Monday, 28th September. Hope you'll join me.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip, that's worth knowing.

I have some large Stampin' Up! Grid paper, so I could tape that underneath the glass mat - will have a look for a cheap one.

Jan x

PinksyDoodles said...

I was given a lovely Christmas gift set of cheese, wine and a glass mat for cutting the cheese. The glass mat sat unused in my kitchen cupboard for ages until I had the same idea as you, it is now a very useful addition to my craftroom!
Clare x

Bagpuss685 said...

I was lucky enough to have a glass cutting mat bought for me, would highly recommend them

Carol Ann said...

I got myself a glass chopping board from the pound shop. It now sits on my desk. It had a sticky back plastic picture on it which I pulled of and cleaned. The glass board is plain glass on one side and textured on the other and works just fine!

Chrissie said...

When I first used a glass cutting mat it was like a violinist being given a Stradivarius to play on. The difference in being able to cut is phenominal.
I also stamp distree inks onto it for dragging with a sponge to distress the edges of cards. Use it for aligning things, measuring too sometimes. It cleans up easily too. I use mine as my permanent work surface on my desk. TOTALLY recommended... Aldi or otherwise. Great idea about putting the lines underneath Ikki!
Chrissie x

Rachelsmum said...

Great idea and a cheap one too. Please be careful though as I think glass mats will blunt your knife quicker than a self healing one but for fiddly cutting the knife does cut a lot more smoothly. xxsue
ps. Love your blog btw, so glad you are still posting.

Fiona said...

Missed that prog. so thanks for the tip.
Fiona x

Lynne said...

Great idea. Matalan usually have the plain ones (no decoration at all) for about £4.00.


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