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Thursday, 3 September 2009

Tippy Thursday - Birthsigns

Hi everyone, My tip this week is based mainly on myself! Why, you may ask? Well, tomorrow is my birthday and I had this thought that if I was ever stuck with "what to do" for someone's birthday, I could use their birth sign as a guide! So, I started to do some research on the web and came up with some interesting and also amusing facts.
I discovered that:

"The Virgo motto could be "Perfect is almost good enough." On one hand, this trait makes you very employable, for you're not likely to do shabby work. On the other hand, you can be so finicky that you put limitations on your interactions and experiences before they happen. You'll be happier if you can learn to be selectively less critical, both of others and yourself." (I have to admit there is a lot of truth in this).

Virgo Greatest Strength: Your ability to focus your attention (with me mostly, but not always my head can wander off at times)

Virgo Possible Weakness: Need for perfection gets in the way of enjoyment (this trait is a bit annoying!)

Virgo's Lucky Number:
The lucky number for Virgo is five (also known as the Pentad).

Virgo Birthstone
Sapphire is the birthstone and also the gemstone given for anniversaries of the 5th and 45th years of marriage. (This took me by surprise - what a coincidence - my birthday gift from Dave is to be a ring, and we are celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary later this month!).

Virgo Compatability
In general, if people are typical of their zodiac sign, relationships between Virgo and other signs (including the complementary opposite sign, Pisces) are as shown below.
Virgo with Virgo: Harmonious
Virgo with Libra: Harmonious
Virgo with Scorpio: Harmonious
Virgo with Sagittarius: Difficult
Virgo with Capricorn: Harmonious
Virgo with Aquarius: Turbulent
Virgo with Pisces: Difficult
Virgo with Aries: Turbulent
Virgo with Taurus: Harmonious
Virgo with Gemini: Difficult
Virgo with Cancer: Harmonious
Virgo with Leo: Harmonious

No one told me this 45 years ago - but luckily Dave is Taurus - is there really some truth in this?

Virgo Snacks
"You won't find health-conscious Virgo tearing through a huge plate of nachos. This sign prefers a snack that is both wholesome and filling. Soy nuts are just the ticket for a hungry Virgin. Choose the kind with no artificial flavoring and preservatives, please. This sign treats their body like a temple, even when it comes to snacks!( from http://horoscopes.aol.com/)"
(Definiently not so - I just love a cream cake for a snack, so no truth here, or do you disagree?)

Virgo Birth Flower is the Aster also called starwort.
The meaning of the Aster flower is Love, Faith, Wisdom and symbolizes Valor

Lucky Numbers:5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50 (might try this on the lottery this week)

Lucky Colours:Orange, White, Grey, Yellow, Mushroom (some say Green as well)

Lucky Stone : Topaz

Lucky Talisman:The Key, The Owl, The Tau, The bamboo and serpent

So if you were sending me a card or GIFT (joking but, if you like) could you use any of this info? We have Asters in the garden - so I could get a bunch of them perhaps wrapped with a Orange,white,yellow, mushroom(!) bow. The ring is a defo - but what - a sapphire or a topaz stone, I was thinking of a diamond myself! I would also love a cream cake, definitely not the nachos or a soya nut, but then I'm suppose to be on a diet so perhaps I should?

So birth signs could give you some ideas for using flowers, colours, charms on cards, but for the rest, although interesting reading, little use in crafting. However, the characteristics were certainly revealing and I'm defo a Virgo - have you looked up your sign, and more importantly did you find any truth there?

I have another tutorial lined up for Monday, but I'm struggling to get it spot on! (lol) I'm certainly one fusspot Virgo!!!


Nanettesplace said...

Ikki, one more little tidbit about astrology: If your husband/wife has the moon in your husband/wife sun sign that makes for a very harmonious relationship. Virgo's (my husband's sun sign) are difficult paired with sagittarians, (my sun sign) however by having my moon in Virgo (his sun sign) makes our relationship work! I had so much fun figuring out moon and sun signs with my kids and their spouses.


1CardCreator said...

Saw your wedding card tute over at Inspirational, looks awesome! Thanks for sharing. ~Diane

Merry said...

Wishing you a Happy Birthday. I may just scrape in on your day. What a lucky lady to be with a man from the right star sign.

Lucy x said...

Slightly belated Happy Birthday. Hope you had a lovely day :D