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Monday, 4 October 2010

Useful Fonts

I have been asked about the fonts I use on my work, so I have compiled a list of the fonts that I use when printing straight on to cardstock.  I thought is would be most useful to use the same words and show the font and the size.  If you don't have any of the fonts on your PC, there are sites that offer free downloads, just do a Google search.
I have also been asked about my printer.  I have a Lexmark P6350.  I'm sort of happy with it, but do find that when printing photographs the colour is poor and ink replacement is quite expensive.  I have recently printed out papers from a CD and that worked fine with no problems.  Printing onto my cardstock is also not a problem - there is not adjustment from paper to card as I had with my old Epsom, but I do remove all the copy paper and replace with the sheet of cards to be printed. 

All of the above fonts print well and you should be able to download to your PC for further reference.  I have never thought of keeping a copy of the fonts that I use until now, silly really because the list will save me time and I will be able to quickly check which font suits the card style without trailing through the font list.  Hope you will find it useful too, there are more to follow for Halloween and Christmas!

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Andrea C said...

you are just a kind wee soul, spreading the knowledge xx

Carolynne said...

Thanks for that Ikki. Can I ask you a question while I am here? I am looking to buy a set of alaphabet dies to use with my bug, I would like a set that I can use quite widly on different types of card. Can you advise a good all-round set to get?

Thanks in advance


Anonymous said...

Oooo I love fonts! Thanks for sharing these I will look into them...


Deborah Frings said...

This is such a good idea - thanks.
Deborah x

Aquarius said...

Thanks so much for sharing these with us - very handy. One of my favourites is Harrington.

akilli melek said...

thanks for the list, I will find this very useful. Normally i dont print straight onto my card, but onto 180g paper to trim and use as mounted sentiment, but i might try direct to card with a few of these fonts. caroline

Unknown said...

You need what I have Ikki - a continuous Ink Supply System... i have one and never think twice about what i print... I have a £35 printer which has a CISS - set up £50 max, then inks £4 each for 100ml

i print on best print everytime. I;ve just had to top up the black since i first installed the system end Feb... if you want to know more - contact me

Paula x x x