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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Tippy Thursday - Score Board

When I first started crafting the first crafting tools I purchased was my scoreboard.  - it called Eazi Scorer and I use it on nearly every piece of crafting I do.

I mainly make my own card size with the help of my board, but even though it scores all weights of cardstock and tells me where to score for the size I want;  there are times when you fold  the card and find that the card is sligthly squiffy.  If you have had the same problem here a little tip:

After scoring,
 push the card up against the lip of the board (or any square edge) and then fold and crease - and your card edges will be straight.

Recently I saw a board called a Hougie - I liked it at lot!  To start with it matches my little green Bug, and I can see it being  a very useful aid to measuring novelty cards because of the lines being in cm and inches, but there are no card size measurements on it if you make your own cards!  So it looks like me having to have 2 boards!  Isn't easy to find reasons to buy a new tool!


Jackie said...

Like you Ikki, I would be lost without my scoreboards. I have one which I bought when I first started cardmaking and I now have the Martha Stewart one, but I have friends who have the Hougie board and I love it, I may NEED it :o)
Jackie xx

Unknown said...

I have been looking for a scoreboard there is 3 out there at the minute and not sure which one to get.
Christine x

Scrapcat 1 said...

I've been looking at the Hougie and the Sco5rpal and dithering about wether I really need them as I have the Crafters Companion Ulimate but I do like the thought of being able to scor lots of lines without having to move my card, oh the decsions

Max said...

I already have the Crafter's Companion Ultimate and also the M & F scoreboard so not sure I could justify another one, although I've read good reports about it.

Max's Craft Creations
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Anonymous said...


jacquiscards said...

I think this is the problem i saw that board and wanted it but i have a groovy board so im in 2 minds now

Christine B. said...

I have the Ultimate and I bought the Hougie and I love it. There's no more measuring. You can make a card anysize and anyshape with straight lines. I think it's brilliant. x ChrisB

Merry said...

This Hougie board sounds interesting. That is one gadget I don't own. Thanks Eileen

XxJULESxX said...

Thanks for the tip!!!i have the same board as you was gonna buy a new one but changed my mind!

Anonymous said...


Jo Austin said...

Don't ask me how I came onto your blog.. it just sort of happened. But I am so happy to see that you love the Eazi Score board. I am one of the demonstrators with Phyll who designed the board, and I know she'll be so happy to see you 'using' it on your blog!

Have you seen the new Mandala board from the Eazi Family of boards too?

Best wishes.
Jo xx