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Monday, 20 July 2009

Nestabilities : Emboss a double frame on your card

Hi, This week I have been tackling embossing a double frame onto a card front. I say tackling because I've found this a puzzle! Which way do the dies go? Which side of the card? The Sandwich? Stopping the dies moving? For a simple exercise - a lot of questions!

With the help of my blogging buddy Chrissie, this is what I finally decided was a good technique to achieving this.

How do you get your square in the centre of the magnetic mat? My mat is the size of a C5 card ( 6 x 4) so I measured the position and draw round the largest die with a permentant pen.

Place the mat on the A Plate. Position the dies

Make the full sandwich:

A Plate, Magnetic Mat, Dies cut side up, CARD with the outside face down, Tan Mat, 2 B Plates.

The tricky bit is getting the card to stay where you want it! If you don't you get a wonky square! You could use low tack tape to hold the card in place or post it's. I found that placing the magnetic mat on the A plate first enabled me to set up the dies easily within the drawn lines on the magnetic mat. Then because the mat was the same size as my card, I could place the card in exactly the right position.

Chrissie uses a slightly different method this is what she says:

"I fold the card then place it right side up on the b plate. On top of this, on what will be the back of the card, I place my magnetic mat and then the nestie or embossing die, cutting side uppermost. I then fold over the card, place the tan mat on top of that, then the second B plate and roll through the cuttlebug. The magnetic sheet helps to ensure that the die doesn't shift on its way through the bug and also acts as a shim the aid the embossing."

This card was made by Chrissie.
It's simplicity makes it stunning! If you need inspiration - you now know where to visit.
Thanks Chrissie.

Now you have two methods of acheiving the same result. Slightly different in the sandwich, but they both work!

If you have another way of doing this.... please let me know.

Using 2 dies makes a great embossed frame on textured cardstock. Then to finish the card you simply cut another of the smaller squares in a patterned paper, emboss the edge with an embossing pen and glue in place. A small embellisment, a stamped image or just a sentiment is all you need to complete a simple but classie card. Ideal for that difficult card, when you want to show you care, but don't want to go OTT!

Less is more - I'm sure you will agree!

I have updated the details and illustrations of the new dies currently being introduced - check out the last post to see them all. If you are interested in the Pendant and Border dies introduce about a month ago, my supplier (see side bar) has some of these in stock.


Chrissie said...

It would be great to hear from anyone who tries to use either of these methods. The main thing is to do what works for 'you'. Eileen and I have similar tastes and both of us love our 'bugs'.
You are a constant source of inspiration to so many Eileen, so thanks. It's great to be your blogging buddy.

Anonymous said...

This looks fab ,but how do you stop the back of the folded card from getting embossed or marked? OH lovely card xx jo xx

ikki said...

Hi Kinglake, If you emboss my way - the card is put through as a single sheet - hence no embossing on back of card. With Chrissie's way the magnetic mat stops the embossing on the back. Hope this is clear! ikki

Anonymous said...

aww thanx that does make it clear xx jo xx

Measha06 said...

I am very interested in this method as I have just received my first nestabilities, the blossom one, and was thinking along these lines to use them but wondered how! I have never heard of a magnetic mat, can you please explain more about it to me and where you get it from.
You do supply a lot of inspiration to others and certainly ignite my spark!

ikki said...


This link will take you to a favourite supplier of mine. I have every confidence in recommending this lady. She offer a reliable, honest service at a reasonable price.


Andrea, said...

This looks fab Eileen, another great technique