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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Cuttlebug - Birthday Candles

A few weeks ago I decided I must have the Cuttlebug Birthday Wishes - a cutting die and embossing folder. At the time it seemed a good idea, but when I tried using it I was disappointed with my efforts. Very boring to say the least!

However, I'm one of those people that doesn't like to be beaten, so I've had another go! I decided that the way the folder was hinged was my problem - so I cut it in half and re-joined with masking tape along the bottom edge. This meant I could alter the folder hinge to where I wanted to emboss the pattern. I'm not
suggesting that you do this - but it does work!

I started off with a 4.1/2" square card only because I have envelopes this size. However, now I've cut the folder, the size of the card can be adjusted easily. Instead of embossing straight on to the card, I covered the card with a striped paper and ran it through the bug. It was not entirely successful, I discovered that when doing this you need a paper shim on top of the pattern paper or else the embossing is too deep and cuts into the surface.

This is the result

With embossing this way you also have a pattern on the inside of the card, and so I only needed to cut out the word die and an additional candle to finish.

With a tag embellishment, and again using the word die (which I love) I was quite pleased with the end result.

So, I tweaked it a bit and made this!

The embossing was done in the same way, but by matching the pattern you can add another layer. With a bit of ribbon, a few eyelets - a much improved card! The first one was okay, but I have to say I like this one the best.

Happy cuttling,


Chrissie said...

You are a bad influence on my spending habits!! I may have to get this Cut & Emboss set now! I agree with you, I prefer the lower of the two cards... it's yummy!

Andrea, said...

Oh this is fab Eileen, I am so pleased you got the folder to work for you. Have a good Wednesday

Just a little bit Crafty said...

I love how the cards turned out. Since reading your blog, I have been brave and also cut a couple of my embossing folders. I really like the second card, it look rather elegant.

Unknown said...

Fab cards Eileen, must admit this folder never appealed but you make it look good!


Kate said...

Great cards! I have the same problem as you did with paper tearing. What is a paper shim?