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Monday, 9 March 2009

Cuttlebug, Nestie Die Cuts and Adhesive

This week I'm only doing a short tutorial because I'm on holiday - so as you read this I (hopefully) will be lying in the sun.

The subject is Die Cuts and how you stick them to your projects. Obviously bigger is easier, but smaller is more difficult. I'm thinking of alphabets, swirls, and filagree and I'm sure there are others dies out there that I don't know about!

I have the Harmony alphabet and I like to link the letters as you will see in future projects. Sticking them down on embossed cardstock can be messy, so when I was given a tip by my Cuttlebug Buddy, Chrissie, I was more than pleased because it worked really well. Chrissie is a keen cuttler, and a very talented crafter producing some stunning cards. She works her bug well and creatively and you'll enjoy a visit to her blog.

This is Chrissie's tip:

Double-sided Sellotape. Well we all know this tape is invaluable for matting and laying but this an extra use. Chrissie tells me that you can buy 12 x 12 sheets of DST. I have a roll of 2" (this fits my offcuts from square cards) and works well. I've also seen self-adhesive pads DCWV do one.

To make this work - cover the underside of a small piece of card or paper with the DST, and place tape side down on the B plate with the die on top. I say this because I have cut so many letters the wrong way round, it's very easy to do!

After running through the bug, all you have to do is peel off the backing and stick on your project, with NO glue marks showing. I like this because I'm a bit heavy handed with the glue pot - I never seem to get the right amount and I hate to see marks on the card. This way you can a use a light weight paper to match your project, and you can also make your own stickers.

If anyone has any other tips on adhesives that they would like to share, please get in touch with me and I will pass them on linking you.

Now, I'd like to show you another flower - I used this die cut and
painted it with nail varnish. I don't know another crafter who doesn't look for ways of how to use bits and pieces before things go in the bin. I definitely fit this category and I even have my hubby on the lookout! so this flower has been made from a recycled object, BUT WHAT?

Answers on a postcard please - NO, ONLY JOKING, but you can leave a comment if you think you know what object and material I've made it from.

Have a good week, hope you'll drop by next week when I will be previewing a new project using the Cuttlebug Stylized Flowers Folder. Don't miss this it will open your eyes to using folders!


Anonymous said...

great blog hunny!! tyhink your flower maybe is made from polysterene! ( spelling) ekkk!

great effect with the nail vanish! but tell me am I right?

have fun! hugs Samantha :0)

Cher said...

Hi...would it be bit of metal from a soda can? just a hunch :) Cher

re:adhesive...u know for small things I use my zyron sticker maker...works great!

jan said...

Hi Ikki, thanks for another fantastic tutorial.

I have a tip too, you can get little pads of self adhesive cardstock which is textured and in multi colours from sissix, they are available from cutting edge crafts (no connection) and are very good value, about £2,75 for 48 2" x"2 sheets. They make life really easy when you are cutting alphas and I have the same one as you, Harmony which can be quite fiddly.

Hope this is helpful. Jan x

kay said...

hi ikki,another fab tutorial,have left something on my blog for you.

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

What a cool trick with the adhesive. Great way to avoid glue mess. That flower is so lovely! :O)