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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Tippy Thursday - bits and pieces

Hi folks, like many crafters I do not like to throw things away but the other day I looked around me and thought "YOU REALLY MUST DO SOMETHING WITH ALL THESE BITS AND PIECES" but the question is WHAT?????

For a start this is what sits by my desk.....

it's where I store cut offs of paper and card - I'm sure you have some too!

colour coded (well most of the time) in plastic wallets

 One way to use these leftovers is to make tags, and since I have some new stamps from Inkylicious and also a Martha Stewart corner and border punch this seemed a  good way to start.....

I felt really pleased and proud of myself when I had finished my project - I had used two bits of waste, 2 new tools and stamps, and some raffia that had tied up a bunch of lovely red roses from my crafting mate Chrissie of LIM fame, and enjoyed myself!  No wonder I love crafting!!  I have my thinking cap on for more ideas on using more of my leftover stash because I have lots (and I mean lots)!

If you have any suggestions - please tell!


Suzi B said...

What a lovely tag... and I love the corner punch!.. oh dear .. something else to add to the wish list!
Sue x

Jules said...

Hi Ikki

I am on the same mission and have set myself a personal challenge to only use what I call "snippets" for what I create on a Sunday.

It has become my crafty snippet challenge.

A few people join in too so you can see what others do with their snippets. There have been some brilliant ideas put forward.

I will be on week 16 this week so have shifted quite a lot of my "leftovers" (but of course I make more just as quickly as I use them) LOL!!!

I love your tag very much.

Might have to steal your idea (but will link to you to let people know where I got the idea from).

Thank you for the inspiration.

Love Jules xx

chrissy xx said...

Fabulous card! LOve it.

Aquarius said...

Great tags and a good tip too. I always keep all my offcuts (and I mean ALL) more or less colour coded with the intention of using them but sadly I often reach for a new piece of card before my brain is in gear!!

Lynn said...

This is a gorgeous tag - I like to see them on cards. You can never have too many bookmarks you know!
You could always use them just to stamp all your images onto and make them up into a reference book - at least then you will know exactly what you have without rummaging through all your files, cupboards and drawers like I have to, lol. Lynn x

Christine B. said...

Wow lovely tag and a great idea. I bet I can beat you for offcuts. I've loads. I even keep all the card that it good off bought cards when people give them to me. Hugs x ChrisB

Paula (PEP) said...

Love the idea of the tag. I keep all my card pieces cut from larger "new" sheets in one drawer, separated according according to colour in plastic A6 boxes. I'm quite good at looking in there before taking a new sheet but often don't have quite the right colour! Am thinking of streamlining card & paper so I use only one brand/supplier. Also I punch all my little bits so I have stacks of small boxes of punched flowers, butterflies, leaves, hearts in a discarded CD rotating CD tower. The idea is that once a project is finished I punch all the cardstock bits - but sometimes I've got a few deadlines close to the pile to punch is overflowing.
Paula (PEP)

Pat said...

Thanks for this great tip. I went straight to my scrap basket and separated by colors in baggies and what a delight that is. Now I can find what I need. Thanks Again.

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

This is fabulous Ikki!